02 Mar Appreciation

My people have been called black!

My people have been called slaves!

My people have been called Baboons!

My people have been called Niggers!


Mmmmh Mmmmh Mmmh Mmmh


Having watched 12Years A Slave

I would like to emphasise

That History should not be thought backward but rather a way of learning

That the art of writing should not die but let us continue putting more down on paper

That the art of storytelling is the only mode that appreciates the events of life

With that said and done my Oscar award and credit goes to the writer of 12 Years A Slave

Solomon Northup who grew up a free man, working as a farmer

But lured south and kidnapped enslaved for more than a decade

Enduring horribly violent enslavement!

Whip after whip they thrashed his naked body

Horrors of Slavery!

12 Years a Slave is a story well told! Rest in Peace!

By Githanda Githae

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