Nothing But A Fox!

02 Mar Nothing But A Fox!

Hahahahahahahah my ribs….woi my ribs….haha…

Thursday….10.21 pm this was just too hilarious…

Call me a crazy Kenyan or a moment just for laughs….

Here I was too comfortable in the washroom (you know doing what)…

At the same time on my phone writing an email…who do I see peeping?…a FOX!!!…

A helpless chap…I almost chocked, I was so shocked and thought I was losing it!….

Unaware of how I made crazy noises and gestures…

The last thing I heard were scratches of the Fox screeching

Making its way out of the house from different directions!

There I was helpless….the wife rushed from the bedroom asking if I was fine…

Half naked (me)…I tell her, a Fox!…she takes off faster than the Fox into the bedroom

All I could hear ‘I am going to have a night mare!!!!!!!’…then a bang, the door slammed!…

Helpless, sweating, do I make a move to see whether the family is okay,

Or do I chase after the Fox….off I went through the corridor, to the lounge, to the patio

And in the garden chasing the Fox

(Who by now I think he should be shocked as I was and had left for the tube station)

….Son of Githae at the garden….a cool breeze everywhere…..

It was when I realised I am out half naked!….chasing a Fox?

How can I live in London with foxes!!!!I ma go back to Africa and live with domestic animals!!!!

Hahahaha!  Hahahhaha!  Hahahahha!  Hahahahaha! Hahahahah!   hahhahahahaha!

By Githanda Githae

  • Andronico
    Posted at 14:56h, 16 March Reply

    hey Githanda I like what you have done here,this is so wonderful,I Thank God I witnessed the Journey,I pray that he continue to guide you,Such an Inspiration

    • Githanda Githae
      Posted at 22:04h, 16 March Reply

      Much appreciated Andy. Asante sana kwa support pia. Truly the journey was super cant complain. I pray too that God will continue holding my hand and guide me through the journey. I am glad to hear that I am an inspiration. It means alot.

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