'My duty as a performer is to ensure my performance will spark positivity in you, to make sure you do not forget the words you hear, that will help you inspire each other and become a ray of sunshine in your aspirations' -Githanda Githae
Bio as a Performer

Githanda has managed and supervised actors and storytellers as well as volunteers.

As a performer he covers: Characterisation, Mime, Emotions, Creative Writing, Improvisation, Historical Characters, Movement, Performance Poetry, Play in a Day, Play Writing, Script Writing, Shakespeare, Social Issues, Bespoke Topics.

Githanda has delivered and implemented standardized and packaged educational and entertainment programs that have been used to foster an appreciation of communication, performance and storytelling.

He facilitates performance Master Classes of practitioners like:

  • Constantin Stanislavski -is best known for developing a system of acting and personal development, advocating realism in the theatre. He is arguably one of the two most influential figures in 20th Century theatre. At the heart of realism are believable characters and action.
  • Antonin Artaud-Understanding Artaud and his theories about the theatre can prove to be quite a difficult task. Artaud’s theatre is somewhat anti-literary (does not rely on the text to communicate meaning to the audience) and is primarily a loud and often violent movement-based experience which shocks the audience’s senses. His Theatre of Cruelty is perhaps most closely linked to Surrealism in the performing arts. Artaud’s influence on 20th Century theatre has been widespread
  • Bertolt Brecht -attempted to develop a new approach to the the theatre. He is one of the key figures of 20th Century theatre and arguably the most important theatre practitioner since World War II. He tried to persuade his audiences to see the stage as a stage, actors as actors and not the traditional make-believe of the theatre. Brecht’s theatre is the very essence of non-naturalism. Brecht required detachment, not passion, from the observing audience. The purpose of the play was to awaken the spectators’ minds so that he could communicate his version of the truth.

Githanda is also an experienced trainer in performing arts, familiar with development, adaptation and delivery of training programs on life skills and personal development.


Screen, Stage, Radio and TV profile

A profiled actor on screen, stage, radio and television in Kenya. Over a decade he has taken different roles to name a few:


Radio Theatre-Get Connected-Shanghari productions

Radio Theatre-Lifestyles-Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.



TV talk show Poetry -Insearch of an Answer-Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

TV local soap opera ‘Kisulisuli’ on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation and Metro Television
TV local soap opera ‘Uhondo’ on Nation Television

Kids programme ‘Generation 3’ on Nation television



Phoenix Players
Mbalawezi Players
Festival of Creative Arts
Bomah Afrikah
Courtyard Theatre



The Merchant of Venice
The Taming of the Shrew
She Ate the Female Cassava
The Complete Word of God-Abridged
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare-Abridged
When Did you Last See Your Trousers
The Visit
Dedan Kimathi
Accidental Death of an Anarchist