Mama Pumpkin

About This Project

​The Story of Mama Pumpkin was shared with the English class at Dolphin School. Their teacher encouraged her pupils to write/adapt their own stories, which they would later on in the term perform to the lower school pupils. As a facilitator I was called in to help them bring out their stories to life by uplifting their texts to performance. She advocate’s that storytelling can contribute significantly to early literacy development.

‘Storytelling is clearly a social experience with oral narrative, incorporating linguistic features that display and acts as an effective building block easing the journey from oracy to literacy. Literacy is a second order language system that requires oral competency as a prerequisite and storytelling certainly offers significant input toward oral language competency, along with many significant links to written language’. Many thanks to Mrs Vicki E G (Teacher at Dolphin School), for inviting me for the storytelling workshop and providing the photos and story clips.