Pupils Workshop – London 2017

About This Project

We as a generation have a role to play in preserving the art of storytelling to a younger generation. Who will, if we do not take the responsibility to do so. Our children have the right to experience, share and find out their cultural roots. This can only be possible through inspiring, teaching and empowering them through oral stories.


Teachers in an independent school in London are working tirelessly to educate the young ones on the importance of collecting, re-devising and re-telling traditional stories. The important life skills will equip the children with knowledge to be able to interrogate, analyse and question their cultural roots.


The aim of the workshop for the young generation, was to guide them on how to use oral language. They had collected folktales and they were eager to learn how to for re-devise and retell them.


Skills, interpretation and techniques covered:


  • Qualities of a good storyteller?
  • What are the story techniques and how do we apply them?
  • Audience participation
  • Use of banter and chants
  • Character dialogues and use of voice
  • Stepping out as a teller
  • Use of song/sound/music-recorded or live
  • Use of dance and movement
  • Use of riddles and tongue twisters
  • Use of instruments
  • Props to be kept at a minimal
  • What are the characteristics of a story?
  • How do you tell a story?
  • Types of stories
  • Structure of a story
  • Purpose of a story
  • Theme of a story