25 Mar SEASONS Part 1

Swaleh looked down at their palm trees and wondered what will happen to them in the seasons to come. Shall I stay here for the rest of my life and watch over them or shall I just move on with my life.

Mama and Baba are not working, am I going to sit here with them and watch them suffer and take a day at a time as they do? They have given us the life that we deserved and it is now upon us to take care of them. As this is what happens here throughout, as the seasons pass by. Many parents have now taken toll and their children are now fending for them. Look at the Katana’s family, they are doing so well with their lives, when the palm trees used to do well here many seasons back, their father bought more land and they were able to plant different types of crops, that is what sustains them till now. Why did Baba not think of that then? It is now too late to cut down our palm trees and plant new crops, it will take almost four seasons to do that and be able to depend on them. What shall we do for those four seasons if we decide to cut them down? At times I just wish that this was a dream, a dream that would pass just like the seasons pass, a dream that one would wake up from and not think it can ever be a reality. Allah, please give us strength.

Mama and Baba have taken care of us since we were young, what more can we ask from them? Amadi is now married and he has left us to fend for ourselves. He claims that life is hard enough to take care of us now that he has a family and we have to stand on our own two feet. Look at Fatu, her beauty surpasses her thoughts and she can no longer look beyond her beauty. Who will come and ask for her hand in marriage? I wonder, all the suitors seem to be afraid of her aggressiveness. Why is she like that? Does she not forget that you cannot live like that and one has to humble themselves? Again, I think Baba spoils her, he supports her too much and tells her that she should not worry at all, whether she gets a suitor or not, as marriage is not a must, you only get married if you know that you have met the right person and that you will be happy in marriage. Who ever heard of a father giving such advice to a daughter? Had Babu given Mama such advice, would Baba himself have married Mama? Sometimes I wonder and ask myself so many questions that seem to have no answers.

Look at our palm trees now, they are no longer giving us enough money in trade. What we get is what we use for our basic needs here at home and nothing more or extra left for us to plan for a better future. What shall we do now? I have been thinking of travelling to another village to find work. We cannot go on living like this, I want to see Mama and Baba happy again. Take good care of them and receive Baraka from them. Allah, please give me the strength and wisdom to do the right thing. I have been thinking for quite a long time now about going to that village to find work and get a better life, should I go? Should I not? Oh, what a hard time to try and make such a firm decision? What happens if I do not find work though? Should I go?

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