02 Mar Shame

Let he who cannot speak the language of his people be ashamed of throwing out his culture to die

How can you not speak fluently in your own language? What excuse do you have?

You read my words in awe and wonder what has made me write such

I cannot help but laugh at you then

For what you have done is to denounce your culture and forced yourself to another culture

The people of that culture laugh at you also, you chameleon!

The culture that you have joined is not yours and will never be yours!

So stop fooling yourself and accept who you are and what your culture is!


Let he who cannot speak the language of his people Walk with their heads down in shame

How can you boast that you speak in different foreign languages?

While your own mother tongue you say is backward, fossil, archaic?

You have cast it away and called it old fashioned, a language of the villagers,

Don’t you find it a joke that other people speak your own language?

After learning theirs first while you are running away from your identity, you mongoose?

I sympathise with you and your decisions!


Let he who cannot speak in the language of his people walk like an ogre in confusion

You seriously think yourself wise but I tell you today that you are not

You utter words in a foreign language confidently and salute yourself

But when someone from your country speaks to your in your language it sounds alien

And what you do is smile like a chimpanzee and answer back in a foreign language

Oh my! what agony you put yourself through!


Let he who cannot speak the language of his people run away from all his cultures and true identity

For what purpose will you be if you do not celebrate your own?

Go and search yourself and find answers to simple questions of your true self

For you will be rest assured that home is always best, you tick!

So gain courage to speak your people’s language as your own and hold your identity proudly!

By Githanda Githae

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