‘Storytelling is the basis of humanity. Our words have the power to make or break a society, to set out a blueprint for history and culture. Stories are a permanent reminder of the great words of those our society can never forget, and storytellers, both contemporary and ancient, have the unique task of inspiring a generation’ -Githanda Githae
Githanda the Storyteller

With a breathtaking range of performance experiences to his name and as one of the leading Kenyan professional storytellers, Githanda Githae has been performing and leading African participatory storytelling workshops, performances and teacher training lectures in Kenya and the United Kingdom for over a decade.

He is always armed with an electrifying presence. An all-round raconteur, Githanda breathes life into adaptations of African stories and legends as a means of breaking down inhibiting cultural barriers. Versatile and warm, his performances appeal to children and adults alike. His audience without a single doubt always bask in the glow of his irresistible energy.

He sprout as a Storyteller many years back. He became core in Zamaleo ACT-a registered arts and culture public trust organization in the republic of Kenya. It has a focus on creation and presentation of African creative performance expressions. It functions as a creative convergence point where established artistes as well as young performers in African theatre, dance, storytelling and music collaborate, share, compare views, exchange, and experiment, create and present their works to various audiences.

He specialises in stories from Africa from different genres like Myths, Legends, Tricksters, Dilemma stories, Fables and Human/Ogre Tales.

He is a great raconteur who has a well-earned reputation for elaborate, unique, energetic, high paced and articulate storytelling. He will skilfully lead you into a wonderful and fantastical world with lightness and humour. Brilliantly expressive and clear. Githanda adds drama and a touch of exotic to his performance.

Through the use of participatory storytelling techniques, he regularly devises, conceptualise and facilitate inspiring storytelling workshops and performances for all ages all over the world. They develop skills in listening, speaking, writing and reading.

He will create storytellers out of participants. His workshops explores key story making techniques. Participants look at story structure, genre and scenario setting.

Githanda uses interactive oral folklore. He delivers diverse African performance elements. He is a well renowned convenor and pioneer of storytelling competitions in various educational institutions.

A celebrated composer of educational theatre programs, teaching, working with children, young people, adults and successfully runs storytelling workshops for emerging storytellers, master classes for teachers, brands, and businesses.

He is a full member of the ‘Society of Storytelling-England’. Established in 1993, the Society for Storytelling aims to support and promote the most ancient art of oral storytelling.

International Events and Festivals

Githanda has shared over two thousand stories in different settings. Some of the major storytelling festivals he has graced both nationally and internationally are;

  • Sigana International Storytelling Festival-Kenya
  • St Georges Day-London
  • Setlle Stories 6th International Festival-United Kingdom
  • Zanzibar International Film Festival ZIFF-Zanzibar
  • World Book Day-Bournemouth-United Kingdom
  • The Second Amakula Storytelling Festival-Uganda
  • Fabula Storytelling Festival- Sweden
  • The Leeds Big Bookend Festival-Leeds-England
  • Bagamoyo International Festival of Arts and Culture-Tanzania
  • Black History Month Vice Voices-London- England
  • Book Week Stepping Stones Children’s Centre Reigate, Surrey-United Kingdom
  • Fireside Tales-Kenya
  • Literacy Day at Dolphin School-Clapham-England
  • Africa Day Dublin
  • London Business School (Africa Club)-Africa Business Summit
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If you are looking for a warm, interactive and enthralling storyteller, Githanda is HARD TO BEAT!