'A Teacher is the most powerful person who develops you as a person' -Githanda Githae

Githanda Githae is a well-established Speech and Drama specialist in the field of Communication and Performance. He holds qualifications in Communication and Performance from various academic institutions including The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and Trinity College London.


The qualifications vary from LTCC-Teachers in Communication, LTCL in Communication (Licentiate), LTCP Teachers in  Performance, PCERT LAM Performance Studies, LSDE Speech and Drama Education, Bachelor of Arts in Communication, ATCL Speech and Drama (Associate), ATCL Communication (Associate), Gold Medal in Acting, Gold Medal in Musical Theatre for the Actor Singer, Gold Medal in Speaking Verse and Prose, Gold Medal in Speaking in Public, Level 3 in Miming, Level 3 in Devising Drama, Level 3 in Reading for Performance, Level 3 in Communication Skills & Professional Certificate in Public Speaking.


He teaches and prepares students of all ages for examinations in speech and drama in recognised Higher Education Institutions, Universities, Independent and State Schools in East Africa and United Kingdom, with 99% pass rate.


The key subject areas taught and facilitated include;

  • Presentation Skills
  • The Speaking in Public
  • Participatory Storytelling
  • Using Spoken English
  • Interview Techniques
  • Reading for Performance
  • Speaking Verse and Prose
  • Acting, Miming
  • Devising Drama and Musical Theatre for the Actor/Singer.


The subjects cut across English, Literature, Drama and Theatre Studies.


He also tutor’s and prepares many students for Higher Education interviews resulting in all gaining places at their preferred institution.


He teaches a wide range of major literary movements for the works of poets, prose writers and playwrights. The periods include:

  • Ancient Greek and Roman
  • Elizabethan and Jacobean England
  • Restoration England
  • 19th Century Europe including the UK
  • 20th Century Europe including the UK
  • 20th Century Africa, India or South East Asia.


Passing on valuable life skills to the society is my key driving point. I offer private tuition in Speech and Drama. Where students can take examinations with LAMDA (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) or Trinity College London-The International exam board for the performing arts and English language.


Private tuition is also available in:

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills.
  • Drama School and Audition Coaching
Experience, Awards and Accomplishment

He is a full member of The Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama –(STSD) United Kingdom. The STSD was established soon after the Second World War from the amalgamation of two much earlier Associations formed to protect the professional interests of qualified, specialist teachers of Speech and Drama, to encourage the highest standards of teaching and to promote the study and knowledge of Speech and Dramatic Art in every form.


He is also listed in the professional Directory of London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art Teachers.


He has been awarded two awards at the advanced level from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA);

  • The LAMDA Performance Award.
  • The LAMDA Communication Award.


He is currently working on opening the first Speech and Drama School in East Africa-Githanda School of Communication and Performance (GSCP).



Development Education

Githanda Githae runs workshops and deliver seminars on development. He teaches Development Education using storytelling and role play. He blends storytelling and role play with Development Education in order to sensitise pupils, students, professionals and other various stakeholders to the needs of those facing socio-economic challenges. Through that, the course participants learn to empathise, and proffer potential solutions to poverty from the perspective of those affected.


He believes that Storytelling and role play have a significant impact on shaping course participants’ cognitions and emotions through promoting a closeness to the experiences of the impoverished. He has delivered workshops and development seminal speeches at School, Universities, symposia and conferences across Europe, using the two tools ManyMEs and The Chocolate Bar Value Chain Theatre – jointly developed with Dr. Penelope Muzanenhamo, a development professional.


He focuses on the learning process to enhance life skills through participatory methodologies that propagate intercultural education. Through active participation, communities engage, understand and create a space in which they grow.


Examination workshop link:

LAMDA examinations summer workshops 2017